About Colon Health

Colon Health is health of our large intestine and is the last part of our digestive tract. It is the most important part of our digestive system which judges which part of food is to be thrown out of body. It decides about the processing, digesting and using your food as fuel for the body.

Colon Health is mainly depends upon eating right at right time. Proper intake of fruits, leafy green vegetables and fibre based food makes the task easy for colon. Balanced diet and adequate nutrition is necessary for smooth functioning of colon. It is not beneficial to use fiber added foods or add artificial fiber to your food. Instead it is better to eat unprocessed food like brown rice, whole wheat, barley, legumes, nuts etc.

Colon Health

Group of Fiber Foods Recommended for Colon Health

Eating correctly is a lifelong commitment and your diet should be a reflection of it. Diet should be planned according to your activity, lifestyle, fitness levels, likes, dislikes, genetics etc. For diets to work it has to be personalized. Fiber is the one nutrient in your food which is essential not just to prevent constipation or regularize digestion but also to prevent you from overeating. It is truly zero on calories and add bulk what you are eating. Foods with fiber take longer to chew. As the fiber moves in our colon it picks up wastes and adds bulk to your stool and makes going to toilet a pleasure experience too. Thus fiber helps to clear stomach, glowing complexion, lean body and better fitness level too. This is how fiber plays an important role in colon health.

We all pay very little attention to our stomach because we heard about heart attacks but no stomach attack is there. We care so less about our digestive system because any amount of abuse to it doesn’t lead to our death. Actually the colon cries out loud for attention with acidity, bloating, constipation, burps, farts, nausea etc. But we don’t bother to listen to its signals. Antacid, salts and laxatives are there for us to use as daily rituals. We actually are sharing a very abusive relationship with our colon. We need to stop abusing the integral part of our digestive system which provides us nourishment. If we understand this, colon health will never be a problem for us.

Colon Health

Understanding Colon to take good care of your Colon Health

Once we understand the important role colon plays in our health, we will be able to take care of colon health easily. The food goes from stomach to small intestine first. All the nutrients get absorbed here. The remaining part of food goes to colon then. It is in liquid state and colon absorbs all the water content from it and makes it a solid waste i.e. stools. Then it reaches the rectum and passes out through the anus.

Colon health problems may lead to the serious health problems such as cancer, IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome), joint pains, weight problems and many more. If we take care of our colon by correct and healthy diet, our colon health will definitely guide us and help us achieve that smooth and natural bowel movement.

phillips colon health

Why choose Phillips Colon Health products?

Why choose Phillips Colon HealthA lot of people asks what is so special about Phillips colon health and why go for Phillips colon health?  These questions are natural in everyones mind who are reading this article. Since colon health has taken important place in our life because of this troublesome lifestyle, one can find out …

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Things you should know about Bowtrol Products

Things you should know about Bowtrol Products

Bowtrol products are necessary to go through if you experience constipation, bloating, stomach cramps, irritable bowel syndrome, and inflammatory bowel diseases so you would know the right supplements you would use. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlsimpECaPg&w=420&h=315] The complicated and fast lifestyle today never allows us to pay attention to small signals given by our body such as abdominal …

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colon natural health supplements

Why Colon Natural Health Supplements Are Important?

Colon natural health supplements are necessary because there are no definite signals occurring for colon disorders. The infection flare-up suddenly and starts irritation, inflammation, discomfort in bowel movements etc. Thus cleansing colon at regular intervals with natural supplements is necessary thing in today’s fast and stressful life style. Similarly probiotic supplements are there for enhancing …

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Colon Health Probiotic

What is Colon Health Probiotic?

Colon health probiotic are the bacteria which are promoting health to colon and ultimately to whole body, i. e. they are pro-life and hence called as probiotic. There are billions of bacteria reside in our colon. These bacteria in colon are good bacteria and helps in the smooth functioning of colon. They are also known …

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